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SafeCentral is a security program that fights against identity theft
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SafeCentral is a security program that fights against identity theft.
One of the drawbacks of living in a connected world is that your identity can be easily stolen. Anyone knowing the right passwords can access your bank account, use your credit card, buy things that you will pay, and other common robberies. Twenty percent of the Internet users have suffered of one of this identity thefts, and in some cases, it cost them lots of money.

There are many ways in which someone can steal your identity. The most common is through malware, software that you run, thinking that is useful for any reason, and in fact crawls through your system, searching for details as your credit card number and password, your bank account home banking details, and things like that.

SafeCentral locks out the software that it believes is malware, and secures your web connections. Your system will be fully protected, and no one will be able to use programs to steal your identity details.

When you install this program, it will stay in the system tray as an icon. Right clicking on it you will open a context menu, that allows you to look for updates, establish the settings or show the program´s interface.

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